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Every vehicle needs high-quality automotive engine oil to work efficiently. With the best engine oil, you can keep your vehicle’s engine part lubricated. In this way, you can minimize the engine parts’ friction and corrosion. Choosing the right Bike engine oil helps in minimizing costly vehicle repairs. Selection should be based on your automobile’s requirements and specifications. It is very important to replace the engine oil in the automobile regularly for the best performance. If proper replacement is not done, it may lead to the malfunctioning of the engine of your vehicle. 

Types of Engine Oil

Engine oils for Automobiles are of different types and are as follows:
•    Synthetic oil
•    High mileage oil
•    Conventional oil
•    Premium quality engine oil
•    Mineral engine oil
•    Semi-synthetic engine oil

Consider these factors before selecting engine oil

You need to remember certain factors while buying engine oil. We have discussed them here:

  1. Quality of the engine oil: You always need to check the quality of the engine oil. Poor quality oil can cause damage to the performance of your automobile. This ultimately leads to untimely and frequent breakdowns.
  2. Viscosity of the engine oil: Engine oil greatly minimizes the vehicle’s friction and corrosion. Viscosity needs to be checked and verified before finalizing the engine oil to be used in the vehicle. 
  3. Oil standards: You need to select the oil that fulfils or exceeds the oil standards. On the label of the oil, you should check out for oil standards like ILSAC, ACEA and API.
  4. Type of Engine oil: Not every variety of motorcycle engine oil is suitable for every automobile. Need to check the compatible engine oil for your vehicle.
  5. Study your vehicle: You are required to study the model of your vehicle. This would help in picking up the new engine oils formulated for your vehicle.

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